Strategy Consultancy – The Art of Survival in Corporate Mayhem

In today’s volatile market, you tend to lose focus on what you need and what you don’t need or rather to put it bluntly, not only you but most of us tend to deviate from the focal point or the objective of all our investments that will reap us the true goal, i.e. Profit. It [...]

The Life of an Entrepreneur

There are some qualities that successful entrepreneur possess. People perceive them to be lucky but if you ask them, then you know the answer is not being lucky. It is about being optimistic along other qualities. Have you ever wondered how the life of a successful entrepreneur is like? What is your first thought when [...]

Building Performance Trust

You can have outstanding ideas, yet never leverage them into winning at working results. That’s because the secret behind those ideas lies in performance. Yours. Getting the okay to pursue your idea is directly related to the level of confidence other people have in your ability to deliver it. And if you do,Guest Posting you [...]

The Rights of the Guilty

When philosophers and social critics speak of justice, there is always a great emphasis spoken about protecting the public by imprisoning those who pose a harm to the public. Then, with observations upon the mechanics of society, these philosophers sought out not only to defend the public, but to defend those accused by the public. [...]


Dedication… To pain killers and relaxants, those drugs for after a long day of hard work, when all you want is a quick fix to make things pleasant once more…. Introduction In many of my pieces,Guest Posting I have gone to great lengths to investigate the arguments of religion, and to debunk their claims. Often [...]

Implement Your Idea Today Lest Someone Else Does

Thoughts are energy and energy moves. I always find it amazing me how someone somewhere implements an idea I’ve had or currently have. My belief is that in any given moment an idea thought of is also formulating somewhere else at precisely the same time. I’ve had some great ideas in the past,Guest Posting as [...]

Five Key Factors To Look For In An Great Network Marketing Consultant

Multi level marketing Specialist are now a popular form of help in today’s multi level marketing business. There are many fine ones and also many not so good ones. You as the specialist seeker need to know what quality to look for in a network marketing specialist, prior to spending your money on any particular [...]

How to Write Resume for Consultants

Sample consultant resumes are very useful guide for all those job seekers who are applying for the post. While writing a consultant resume, you should remember to highlight your skills and proficiencies in it. The content should be well written so that it would grab the attention of the prospective employer. The emphasis on the [...]

What is an Internet Consultant?

Yes, I’m an internet consultant, but what does that mean? Does that mean that I know everything there is to know about the internet? No. Not even close. An internet consultant helps people and businesses determine and meet their needs. That’s what I do for customers not only in Portland, Oregon where I live, but [...]

Advantages of Having a Business Consultancy and an HR Consultant

Building a business can be a tough task. There are multiple demands and numerous problems. Especially for young and small businesses, keeping pace may be easier said than done. With one wrong step, the entire company could be in jeopardy. In the Philippines, Makati City is the country’s business hub. Various industries and companies take [...]